Maxoptra Launches a New ROI Calculator

Free online Tool Lets Logistics and Transportation Companies See the Impact of Route Optimisation

Businesses of all kinds and sizes now have an opportunity to justify the need for solutions to optimise routes. Moreover they will learn how much they could save by automating the dispatchers' routine work.

Maxoptra Route Planning Software consider all important constraint including vehicle capacity, road situation, time windows and so on while building ideal sequences. This helps to drive a 10-15% improvement in key metrics such as mileage, fuel rate, customer satisfaction and so on.

Today Maxoptra Route Optimisation Software announces the release of the ROI Calculator tool, helping executives to benchmark spendings and improve business processes. One only needs to enter the number of vehicles/engineers, employee casts per hour, cost per mile, miles per annum and press the "Calculate" button. After this the current operation cast and subscription cost will be shown on the screen together with net savings.

It should be mentioned that our software  has four plans with different functionality and prices. So, everybody will be able to find a solution that suits their business mostly.

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About Maxoptra

Maxoptra is a routing and scheduling software platform aimed to enable efficient decision-making support in a rapidly changing world. It builds ideal routes considering all important constraints such as time windows, vehicle capacities and so on.

Designed as a subscription-based SaaS solution Maxoptra is accessible from all corners of the world. All functionality updates are immediately available to our subscribers without any additional charges. Due to open API our software can easily be integrated with any WMS or CRM solution.

Maxoptra is a division of Magenta Technology.

About Magenta Technology

Magenta Technology is a leading provider of dynamic real time scheduling system for logistics companies.

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